Hello, my name is Amanda Santolla. Or, better known as, Pastor Mandy.

My husband Keith and I, have been married 21 yrs. We were high

 school sweethearts. Keith, is a devoted husband and father. As well as a             

devoted and supportive "preacher's husband"! :o)

He is the manager of Tire Max located out of Madison, NC.

We have two sons. Our oldest Zack, he is 20 yrs. old. and he works with Keith.

Our youngest son Troy, is 17 yrs. old. He is in the 12th grade.

As far as myself, in January of 2013 after 20 years of service I retired from Aetna Insurance

Company where I worked as a Sr. Support Consultant.

I have been the Pastor of Hills church going on 6 yrs. and a member of Hills

church all my life. Yes, Hills is my home church and I'm so thankful and

blessed to be serving in the capacity in which I do. I did not know where my

call in to ministry would lead me but never imagined that it would lead me

to my home church.

My call in to ministry was one that did not come without hesitation. I denied

the call for over 12 years. I denied it for every reason in the book, including

the fact I was a woman. I thought, “Okay God, you can’t get around that

fact”!! But the longer I denied my call the stronger it got. The best way I can

describe the call was like a steady poke in the shoulder. When it started to

leave a bruise that is when I said to God, “Okay God, I’ll take the classes.

But I know you are not calling me to a church”! When I was completing my

last week of classes, I asked God, “Okay God is this it, all of this for

nothing?” Well, before the end of the week, I got a call from a friend

who asked if I would fill in for him at his church while he was going to be out

on an extended medical leave. I was there for the next 4 - 5 Sundays.

That first Sunday when doing the charge and blessing, it

was then that it actually felt right. That moment, reminded me of a scripture

which is close and dear to my heart. It is, Ps. 118: 17-18 which says, “I will

not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done. The Lord has

chastened me severely, but has not given me over to death”. That moment

confirmed for me that I was to, "proclaim what the Lord has done", for all

people. This scripture is close to my heart because in 2001, at the age of 28,

I was diagnosed with cancer. Zack was in the 3rd grade and Troy was in

kindergarten. I wanted to know if I was going to live or die. I wanted to

know for Keith. Therefore, one night after my diagnosis, I asked the Lord if I

would live or die, and the Lord led me to read that scripture, that very night.

The Lord answered me, telling me that, "I would live" and "I would not die".

As I was standing there, after delivering my first sermon and while doing my

first blessing and charge, I knew then, it was time for me now, to “proclaim

what the Lord has done” for all people! With God, nothing perishes. And with

Jesus we always have tomorrow.

The Sunday my friend was to return back to his church it “just happened to

be” the first Sunday in which Hills no longer had a Pastor. Hills asked me to

fill in that Sunday and I have been there ever since. So friends, be mindful

when you ask God, “Okay God is this it, all of this for nothing?”

God has a sense of humor! Trust me! :o)

In Christ and God bless,

Pastor Mandy

“May the Lord, bless you and keep you, may He make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May He lift His countenance upon you and may He always give you peace.” Num. 6:24-26